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Farley I. Weiss, President  
Copyright + Trademark Law 

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Jeffrey D. Moy, 
Patent Law + Electrical Engineer

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Mark H. Weiss, 
Corporate + Intellectual Property 

Farley Weiss has practiced intellectual property law since 1990. Mr. Weiss has significant experience handling trademark, service mark and copyright applications, license agreements, renewals, statements of usage, amendments and infringement matters. Mr. Weiss has filed more than 1,000 trademark, service mark and copyright applications. In 1988, Mr. Weiss served as a law clerk for Justice Menachem Elon, who at the time was the Vice President of the Supreme Court of Israel.

Prior to his career in law, Mr. Weiss played professional tennis and achieved a world ranking of 713 in singles and 736 in doubles through tournaments played in the U.S., Finland and Spain. As a nationally ranked junior tennis player, Mr. Weiss was a member of the winning Phoenix Junior Davis Cup team for three consecutive years. Mr. Weiss was inducted into the Phoenix Country Day Schools sports hall of fame for winning five individual state high school tennis titles from 1976 to 1981; including his first in 7th grade before a new ruling stipulating players must be in high school to compete.

Mr. Weiss is currently President of the National Council of Young Israel. NCYI is one of the 51 major Jewish organizations and it represents about 130 Synagogues nationally, comprising of around 25,000 families. The organization is 100 years old and Mr. Weiss is the first President outside of the New York New Jersey area. 

Mr. Weiss is married to Jessica Weiss, who practices Immigration law with Weiss & Moy. They have six children.

Jessica J. Weiss,
Immigration Law

Jessica Weiss has been practicing immigration law since 1997. Her practice has an emphasis in business and family immigration work, with a particular focus on nonimmigrant business visas E-1/E-2 and immigrant and employment based immigration work. She represents individuals, and corporations small and large. Additional representations include, world-renowned athletes and coaches, and Olympians in the track and field industry, NBA, NFL, and other sports related professionals including Coaches, Therapists, etc. in categories such as O-1A and P areas. 

Attorney Weiss has represented clients in H-1B cases. Religious workers including Priests, Rabbis and religious studies teachers. She can assist you from when you enter as a tourist to changing status to nonimmigrant and then moving to a green card category and one day citizenship. She offers her knowledge and experience with resources of a small firm and hourly as well as fixed fees on cases for client flexibility and comfort. Attorney Weiss gives attention to every detail, handles cases personally and develops relationships with the clients for years. She can be trusted to help you achieve your short or long term immigration goals as a caring and knowledgeable attorney. 

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Marc S. Balban,
Patent + Trademark Law 

Markc Balban, is a Registered Patent Agent to practice before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. As a Patent Agent Mr. Balban has acquired substantial experience in preparation and prosecution of patent applications in varied technologies and sciences including computer and database systems, communication systems and devices, automotive systems and components, consumer devices and applications, materials, manufacturing and compliance systems, business methods and financial services. Mr. Balban has also served as a Patent Examiner at the USPTO, where his area of expertise involved cellular transmission systems, location based services, E911, billing and airtime systems, air to ground/ground to air communication, mobile phone features and construction, and antennas.

Mr. Balban has over ten years of progressive and varied responsibilities in design, manufacturing and management of new product introduction with leaders in the Communications industry, primarily with Motorola, where he was responsible for designing and implementing components and features incorporated in mobile network systems. Mr. Balban was also responsible for support activities of production of printed circuit boards and conductive bonded assemblies, primarily employed in customer microwave and cellular transmission systems. Mr. Balban also was involved in the introduction of products for cellular transmission systems employing RF, analog and TDMA/CDMA/PCS/GSM digital technologies.

Mark Weiss, a corporate and intellectual property attorney and registered patent attorney, has practiced intellectual property law since 1991. Based in our Scottsdale office, Mr. Weiss’ expertise includes corporate transactions, acquisitions, reverse mergers and formation issues. In the past 14 years of practicing law, Mr. Weiss helped form hundreds of corporations and limited liability companies in Arizona and Nevada and often continued to represent these corporate entities after their formation. He currently represents clients in intellectual property and commercial litigation. 

Mr. Weiss served on the Board of Directors of two public companies, Fourthstage Technologies, Inc., merged with Aperian in 2001 which traded on NASDAQ; and Osage Computer Group, Inc., which traded on the American Stock Exchange. Most recently, Mr. Weiss founded NJOY, formerly Sottera Inc, one of the largest electronic cigarette companies in the United States.

Prior to his career in law, Mr. Weiss achieved a national ranking playing college tennis at Arizona State University and Foothill Junior College, where he made the semi-finals in the California Junior College Singles Tournament and helped his team to a second place finish in the State of California. Mr. Weiss went on to play professional tennis and achieved a world ranking of 713 in doubles through tournaments played in the U.S., South Africa and Israel. 

Mr. Weiss is also the co-inventor of a telephone answering device (U.S. Patent 5,533,104). 

Mark is also a charter member of the Vaping Hall of Fame (

Jeffrey D. Moy, a U.S. Registered Patent Attorney and electrical engineer, has practiced intellectual property law since 1994. A partner based in our firm’s Scottsdale office, Mr. Moy’s expertise includes computer architecture, analog and digital circuitry and semiconductor fabrication and packaging. Mr. Moy prepares and prosecutes U.S. and foreign patent applications in the electrical and mechanical arts with over 350 U.S. Patents issued from applications he has prepared. Most recently listed as 2013 GO-TO LAW FIRMS at the Top 500 Companies based on patent prosecution work with The Boeing Company. 

Prior to becoming a partner at the firm, Mr. Moy worked as corporate counsel for STMicroelectronics in Carrollton, Texas where he provided IP education and counseling to the company’s businesses. In addition to preparing and prosecuting U.S. and foreign patent applications, conducting patent analysis, working with engineers to determine patentable items and advising on domestic and foreign filing strategies, Mr. Moy was also responsible for supervising outside counsel, participating in negotiations to resolve third party patent matters, drafting and reviewing transaction documents and license agreements, and analyzing competitors’ products for possible infringement. 

Before becoming an attorney, Mr. Moy worked as an electrical engineer and project manager for Texas Instruments in Dallas. As project manager, Mr. Moy was responsible for comprehensive engineering design projects related to clean room design. He set project parameters, evaluated compliance with project and engineering standards and approved final designs and installations. He oversaw, reviewed and approved the work of external engineering design and planning consultants. Mr. Moy also ensured that engineering designs were consistent with contract specifications and all relevant regulations and engineering standards.

Ken Motolenich,
Patent Law 

Kenneth Motolenich-Salas is an attorney providing legal services covering Intellectual Property and Technology Transactions and Intellectual Property Litigation.Kenneth Motolenich-Salas, who practices law in Phoenix, Arizona, was selected to Rising Stars for 2018. This peer designation is awarded only to a select number of accomplished attorneys in each state.


The Rising Stars selection process takes into account peer recognition, professional achievement in legal practice, and other cogent factors.Prior to becoming an attorney, he studied at George Mason University School of Law. He graduated in 2007. After passing the bar exam, he was admitted to legal practice in 2008.

Karen Fouts is a U.S. Registered Patent Attorney and has been practicing law since 1999. Her current practice focuses on preparing and prosecuting patent applications, primarily in the mechanical arts.  

Karen is also an experienced intellectual property litigator, having represented clients throughout her career in all phases of complex intellectual property matters in federal courts throughout the United States, including appeals in patent litigation to the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit. 

Examples of matters that Karen has handled include:

Represented plaintiff in copyright infringement suit in District of Arizona against software development company. Obtained temporary restraining order and preliminary injunction following evidentiary hearings.Represented defendant in patent infringement suit in District of Nevada brought by design company. Defeated motion for summary judgment of infringement, leading to settlement of all claims.

Represented defendants in trademark infringement lawsuit brought by professional sports leagues in Southern District of New York. Case resulted in pre-trial settlement.

Represented defendant in patent infringement action in Eastern District of Texas relating to telecommunications equipment and involving multiple defendants. Case resulted in pre-trial settlement.

Represented defendant in patent infringement action in District of Nevada relating to electronic gaming devices.  Prevailed on motion for summary judgment of non-infringement. Represented defendant in trade dress infringement action in District of Minnesota relating to electronic cigarettes.  Case resulted in pre-trial settlement. Karen has also represented clients before the former Board of Patent Appeals and Interferences (now the Patent Trial and Appeal Board), the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board, the Arizona Registrar of Contractors, and in arbitration proceedings.


Karen J.S. Fouts,

Patent Law

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Harry Weiss, Founder + Patent Attorney  

Harry Weiss, a U.S. Registered Las Vegas Patent Attorney, was the firm’s founder and was based in the firm’s Las Vegas, Nevada office until February of 2008. He passed away on April 19, 2008 from complications related to myelodysplasia. He had been practicing law since 1957. The members of the firm and his many clients mourn his passing.

Before becoming a Las Vegas attorney Mr. Weiss began his career as a patent aid for the Army Chemical Corps while in military service. He subsequently worked as a patent attorney for the Atomic Energy Commission. Mr. Weiss then went on to serve as an in-house patent counsel for a number of major U.S. companies. He was an international patent attorney for Western Electric, where he worked on the international filing and prosecution of hundreds of Bell Lab patent applications. Mr. Weiss later joined IBM, where he became a Managing Patent Attorney. At IBM, Mr. Weiss had responsibility for securing patent protection for IBM’s semiconductor memory and logic devices, and also worked on cryogenic semiconductor technology and lasers. Mr. Weiss later served as the General Patent Attorney for Motorola in the Phoenix area, with overall patent responsibility for both the Semiconductor and Government Electronics groups. After a long career as corporate patent counsel, Mr. Weiss founded the Las Vegas, Nevada firm (then known as Harry M. Weiss & Associates, P.C.) in 1976.

Given his extensive in-house and private practice experience, Mr. Weiss handled a wide variety of patent, trademark and copyright prosecution, licensing and litigation matters. At IBM, he obtained several of the basic patents in the semiconductor area. At Motorola, Mr. Weiss established a successful licensing program that gave him extensive experience negotiating with major U.S., Japanese, French and German companies. At the firm he founded, Mr. Weiss continued to represent both U.S. and international high tech companies. Over the years, his clients included National Semiconductor, Fairchild Semiconductor, Supertex, FiTel Innovations, SGS Thompson, Microchip Technology Incorporated, VLSI, and others.

While Mr. Weiss had broad technical expertise (he filed patent applications on everything from nuclear reactors to children’s toys) he was particularly expert in the semiconductor area. At IBM, he obtained a patent on the first integrated semiconductor memory device using mirror imaging of memory cells — a design that is still in use today. During his years of practice, he also obtained patents regarding copper doped aluminum stripes to avoid aluminum electromigration, P2O5 passivation of semiconductor devices which prevents device failures as a result of exposure to external contaminants, oxide-nitride dielectric gate regions for the MOS technology, aluminum plus silicon for ohmic contacts to avoid undesired penetration of the contacts, DRAM refresh, use of partially defective semiconductor memory chips, one device N-channel MOS structures, CMOS structures and methods, creating permanent photographic images in silicon subtstrates, lead frame manufacture, and systems to protect reading information out of ROM’s.

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